Migrate Guru is a fast and easy way to migrate WordPress sites. It is relatively easy to use, works well even with larger WordPress sites, and is compatible with Templ. 

This guide is provided to help you perform your own migration. In case you need help, you can always contact our support team for assistance.

These are the steps you’ll need to take to migrate your WordPress website to Templ using Migrate Guru:

  1. Create a website in the Templ Panel

  2. Install Migrate Guru on the site you want to migrate

  3. Initiate the migration

  4. Test the migrated site

  5. Add your domain and change your DNS

Install Migrate Guru

The Migrate Guru plugin should be installed on the website that you want to migrate.

Open WP Admin on your website and navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> and search for Migrate Guru and install the plugin.

Initiate the migration

Activate the Migrate Guru plugin and click on it and you will see the page below.

Fill in your email address (you will be notified by email when the migration process is finished) and agree to their terms, and finally click Migrate Site.

From the following menu, select the FTP option:

Enter the migration details

The next step is to enter the SFTP details of your Templ server, along with the path to the WordPress folder.

All the details will be available on the Website Details page of your website in the Templ Panel.

You need to enter these details:

  • Destination Site URL 

  • FTP Type: Choose SFTP here

  • Destination Server IP

  • SFTP Username

  • SFTP Password (Or use an SSH key if you are familiar with those). 

  • Directory Path

If your SFTP password isn't enabled, you can enable it by following the steps here.

The directory path is /home/user_xxxx/app_xxxx - the details must be changed according to your username and webroot that is displayed on the Overview page of your site in our control panel.

Scroll down to Add Folders and add your own folders that are not wp-content, wp-includes or wp-admin (if you have any). Once all the details are filled in, scroll down and click on Migrate.

Migrate Guru will now test the SFTP credentials you provided. If any problems are encountered Migrate Guru will return to the SFTP details screen and highlight the fields that need to be reviewed. Check the details, correct any mistakes, and click Migrate again.

If you don’t enter the correct directory path or destination address you’ll receive the following error:

Unable to access wpconfig file. Please check if WordPress is installed on the destination address. Also, check if you have permission to access the folder.

If Migrate Guru repeatedly reports issues with the SFTP details please contact our support team for assistance. Multiple failed SFTP connection attempts can trigger an IP ban.

Once the connection is made successfully Migrate Guru will migrate the site and display a page which you can use to monitor the progress of the migration.

Migrate Guru will let you know as soon as the migration is completed, and you will also receive an email at that time. Larger sites can take quite a while to migrate. If your site is very large, then you may also need to add more disk space to your Templ server.

Test the migrated site

Once the migration is complete you should take a few minutes to inspect the migrated site.

If your site is using a Templ domain, use that address to have a look around. While reviewing your migrated site be sure to navigate to several front-end pages as well as to log into your site and navigate to several pages of the admin area. If your site has a lot of data make sure all of your data is showing up properly.

If you find any problems, you can always contact our support team for help, if you are unable to solve them on your own.

Add your domain and change your DNS

When you have made sure that everything is working as excepted with your migrated site, then the last step is to add your domain to the Templ Panel and then assigning the domain to your migrate site, and finally updating your name servers to point to your website.

Note: If you only want to migrate the website to Templ, and keep emails etc elsewhere, then you should only change the A-Record for your domain to point to your servers IP Address.

Be sure to update the A-Record for both "yourdomain.com" and "www.yourdomain.com" or add a CNAME for www.yourdomain.com to point to yourdomain.com.

If you need assistance during any point, you're always welcome to contact our support team for help.

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