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Migrate a locally developed WordPress site to Templ
Migrate a locally developed WordPress site to Templ

How to migrate a locally developed WordPress site to Templ.

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On this page we will list different methods on how to migrate from local to Templ.

Migrate with Duplicator

There are a few more steps to migrating a site with Duplicator from a local environment than from a live environment.

The trick here is to upload the Duplicator archive where a direct download is possible. In other words, Dropbox and Google Drive and similar services require the user to click "Download now"-button or similar which will not work with our Import feature.

Export Phase:

  1. Follow our Phase 1 of our Duplicator guide and create your file of your locally developed WordPress site.

  2. Set up a website in the Templ Panel if you haven't already, and create a staging site.

  3. Upload the Duplicator file to the STAGING SITE with SFTP.

You should now have a file that you can import to the main website from your staging website. The link should look similar to this: 

Import Phase:

  1. Follow our guide on how to Import a website with Duplicator. 

  2. Paste the link to the file and start the import.

Alternatives to Duplicator

  1. Let us migrate for you. All we need is access to a zip file with the WordPress files and database, then we can take care of the rest from there.

Need help?

Message us at any time if you need migration assistance.

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