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Add more disk space

How to add more disk space to your website in the Templ Panel.

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Adding more disk space to your website is an easy task within the Templ Panel.

How to increase the disk space of your website 

- without upgrading to another plan

Navigate to the website details page of the site you want to add more disk to. Click on Plan, as showed below, and then click on Change Plan.

On the next page you will choose how much disk space you want to add. Since this guide is for increasing the disk space only, you should not change the Website Plan unless you want to upgrade to another more powerful plan.

The price per extra GB starts from $1 See our price list for full details.

You can add as much disk space as you need. The disk space can be downgraded later on if needed.

When you are done, click Continue and complete the payment steps. After you have done that, you will be asked to confirm the changes that are about to be made (re-sizing of the disk). Confirm the changes and wait a few seconds for your disk to be increased.

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