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Manual Migration to Templ with SFTP (Files + MySQL)
Manual Migration to Templ with SFTP (Files + MySQL)

How to migrate to Templ by uploading your WordPress files with SFTP and how to import your database.

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We at Templ offer a complimentary migration service to anyone who wants to migrate their site to us. However, if you prefer to migrate your site yourself, there are several options:

Option 1: Use a migration plugin

You can use a migration plugin such as Duplicator or Migrate Guru.

Option 2: Migrate your site manually (Files + MySQL)

This guide will describe how to migrate to Templ by uploading your WordPress files with SFTP and how to import your database.

In this guide we will describe the most basic way to migrate your site manually with SFTP + MySQL, we'll post more advanced methods later on.

These are the steps you’ll need to take to migrate your WordPress website to Templ:

  • Prepare your website for upload (Files + Databse)

  • Create a website in the Templ Panel

  • Upload your files through SFTP

  • Import your database

  • Test the migrated site

  • Add your domain and change your DNS

The first thing you want to do is to download your WordPress files to a folder on your computer. To do that, you need to login to your old hosting account and follow their guides on how to connect to your site with FTP.

Normally all your WordPress files will be in the public_html  folder, it may also be called public  or www  by some web hosts. You want to download all the WordPress files and any other files you have added manually to your site:

Prepare your database

Open your MySQL editor (normally phpMyAdmin), click on your database in the left panel to select it, followed by clicking the Export tab, like this:

For smaller databases, the Quick Option will work excellent. Make sure SQL format i selected, and then click Go. This will download your database to your computer.

For larger databases, you may want to download the database in a Gzip archive, to do that, select Custom - display all possible options.

Create a website in the Templ Panel

Now that you have downloaded your WordPress files and database, the next step is to login to your Templ Panel and create a website that we you will upload all your files and database to.

Uploading your WordPress files with SFTP

The next step you need to do is to set up file access to your website in the Templ Panel.

The details you will need are:

  • Domain name (or IP address)

  • SFTP username

  • SFTP password

These are the details you will need to enter in your FTP program e.g Filezilla. See the File Access guide that we also linked above for more info.

You need to upload your WordPress files to the folder called wordpress after you have connected to your Templ website with SFTP:

Note: The folder may also be called "app_1234" or similar and may already contain a fresh installation of WordPress. You can delete this files first if you want, or choose to replace them as you upload your own files.


You can choose to only upload wp-content  folder into the wordpress  folder, be sure to also upload any files you have manually uploaded outside of WordPress or the wp-content folder. This will simplify the migration, as you won't need to edit the wp-config.php as described later on in this guide.

Upload your database

To upload your database, navigate back to the Website Details of your website in the Templ Panel and click on the DB Admin link:

The details you need to enter are next to the button, so you can copy them:

The Server  field should be left as is, i.e it should say localhost  there.

Once logged in, click on Import to the left, then Choose Files and navigate to your database on your computer and select it, then click on Execute.

Do not close the window until the database has been uploaded and imported, and you see a similar screen to this:

This means that your databas has been uploaded and imported, we are now done with this step.

Note: If your database is larger than 128MB, or if you have trouble importing it, then you can upload the database to the backups folder with SFTP and then send our support team a message and we'll help you import the database for you.

Edit wp-config.php

When you have the WordPress files and database in place, it's time to make sure that the details in your wp-config.php  are correct, so that your WordPress site is connected with the database uploaded to Templ. 

To do that, open the wp-config.php  file located in the root of your site with your SFTP client, and make sure that these highlighted details match the database details from your website details in the Templ Panel.

/** The name of the database for WordPress */

/** MySQL database username */

/** MySQL database password */

/** MySQL hostname */
define( 'DB_HOST', 'localhost' );

Preview your site

Preview your site with the URL from the websites details in the Templ Panel. We recommend that you ask the Templ Support staff to perform a search-replace for you, otherwise links on your migrate website may point to your old host.

Add your domain and change your DNS

When you have made sure that everything is working as excepted with your migrated site, then the last step is to add your domain to the Templ Panel and then assigning the domain to your migrate site, and finally updating your name servers to point to your website.

Note: If you only want to migrate the website to Templ, and keep emails etc elsewhere, then you should only change the A-Record for your domain to point to your servers IP Address.

Be sure to update the A-Record for both "" and "" or add a CNAME for to point to

If you need assistance during any point, you're always welcome to contact our support team for help.

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