For security reasons, we allow SFTP access via SSH-keys by default. To enable SSH access and password based SFTP login, please follow the simple steps below.

In this guide we will first enable the SFTP / SSH password, and then use this password to connect to your site with a SFTP client like FileZilla, Cyberduck or by SSH via the Terminal.

Step 1 - Open the website details page for the website you want to enable SFTP & SSH password for.

Click the Edit Website Details button as highlighted below:

Step 2 - Enable SSH/SFTP Password

You can choose to generate a password or set your own password. 

Scroll down and click Continue and you're done!

Connect to your website using SFTP (with password)

The details to connect to your website with SFTP password are shown on the website details page.

In your SFTP client (Filezilla or similar), enter the following:

Host: Your domain name or server IP
(If you are using Cloudflare or similar, then you need to connect with your IP address).
Username: Check websites details page (step 1) for the username.
Password: Check websites details page (step 1) for the password.
Port: Check websites details page (step 1) for the port.

FileZilla reference:

Cyberduck reference:

Connect to your website using SSH (with password)

Step 1 (In a Terminal window), enter: ssh
Step 2: When prompted, enter your password from Step 2 and click enter.

For more ways to set up file access, please follow this guide.

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