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Migrate a WordPress site to Templ using Duplicator
Migrate a WordPress site to Templ using Duplicator

How to migrate an existing site to Templ using the Duplicator migration plugin

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Note: This guide is only for the free version of Duplicator (not Duplicator Pro).

This guide will teach you how to to migrate an existing WordPress site to Templ using the Duplicator plugin, step by step. The guide will be divided into two sections:

  • Phase 1: Exporting your website with Duplicator 

  • Phase 2: Importing your website to Templ.

Please be sure to disable any cache plugins before you start the migration process, you can activate the cache plugin(s) again after you have finished the migration process.

The first phase is done directly in WordPress, on your old host. What we are doing in phase 1 is to prepare your website so you can easily import it to Templ. in phase 2 of the migration guide.

Step 1
Open the WordPress site you want to migrate and login to your admin panel (wp-admin).

Step 2
In the left menu, click "Plugins" and then "Add new" and search for "Duplicator", and install and activate the plugin.

Step 3
Open the Duplicator plugin and then click "Create New" next to Packages.

Step 4
Leave everything default and click "Next".

Step 5
After you click Next, then Duplicator will start scanning your website, this may take a few minutes.

If all is well, go ahead and click "Build" as shown below, and wait for the process to finish.

In the rare case that Duplicator fails to build the package, please try again.

Step 6
Once the process has finished successfully, click on the "Packages" button in the top right, as shown below:

Step 7
Locate the package you just created, you will most likely only have one package in the list, find it and click the "Package details" icon as shown below:

Step 8
Now we need to copy the link to the package, the link that is called "Archive", use the screenshot below as a reference, and right click your link and choose "Copy link address".

The link should end with Now we are done in Duplicator, and done with the exporting phase.

PHASE 2: Importing your website to Templ

Step 1
In the Templ panel, click "Websites" in the navigation menu and then click on your website, and then the "Migrate Website" button.

Duplicator Archive link: Paste the Duplicator link that you copied in Step 8 (Phase 1).
Website name: Give your website a name of your choice. (This won't change the name of your website, it's only for the Templ Panel).
Website Location: Choose where you want your website to be hosted. 

After you click Continue, the import progress will begin. The time it takes to finish depends on how big your website is. Please be patient as the process may take several minutes to complete.

When the import has finished, click Continue to go back to your website details, and click on the "Homepage" button to make sure your website has been migrated/imported to Templ correctly.

Need help?
We're here to help, if for some reason the import failed, please contact us and we will help you solve the issue.

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