Login to your Templ Panel and click on your website. Then click on Tools, followed by Install Plugins.

This will install all the Templ WordPress plugins on your site. Some plugins will be inactive after they have been installed. Choose which plugins you want to use and activate them.

We strongly recommend to use at least Templ Cache and Templ Token Login. Read more about each plugin below.

Templ Automatic Updates Enabler

This plugin enables automatic updates of WordPress core and plugins. Use with caution!

Templ Cache

This is a helper plugin for our full page server cache. You can purge the cache manually within the plugin. If you want to know more about how our cache works, please read this article.

Templ Set WP Mail Sender

This will fix a setting in WordPress and reduce the risk of your emails getting stuck in a spam filter. Enable this plugin to improve email deliverability.

Templ Token Login

Enables passwordless login to WP Admin directly from the Templ Panel. Login with a single click, without having to fill in your username and password.

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