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How to update your name servers
How to update your name servers

How to update name servers for domains bought from a third party, understand propagation time, and manually generate SSL certificate.

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DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Following this guide to update your name servers will affect all services associated with your domain, including email and other related functionalities. If you are unsure about the implications of changing name servers, please contact us for assistance.

Before changing your name servers, ensure that you copy any existing DNS records you wish to retain to Templ. This precaution will help preserve necessary settings.

Before you update your name servers

Before updating your name servers, begin by updating your domain's "A-Record" to point to your Templ server IP. The server IP can be found on the Website details page in the Templ Panel.

NOTE: If you do not want to move your entire DNS management, but only your website (and not other services like email, etc.), then you should only change the A-record for your domain.

Add the domain in the Templ Panel

To determine which name servers you need to change to, you must first add the domain in the Templ panel. Add the domain by following the guide How to add a domain from an external registrar. Once added, you'll see this message:

"Your domain has been added, but it has no SSL certificate yet. A certificate will be generated once the NS records are set and propagated."

(Below are the steps and information on how to change your NS (name server) records, and how to check if your domain has propagated.)

Update the name servers at your registrar

To enable Templ to automatically handle your domain, update the name servers at your domain registrar to the correct Templ name servers.

​Find your Templ name servers

  1. Navigate to Domains in the left menu of the Templ Panel.

  2. Click on the domain you wish to update. The assigned Name servers will be displayed there.

Registrar guides

Here are links to popular domain registrars and their guides for updating name servers.

Registrar Guides. Click the arrow to the left to expand.

Is your registrar not listed? If you're unsure how to update your name servers, send us a message for help, or contact your domain registrar for assistance.

Propagation Time: After updating your name servers, allow 4 to 8 hours for .com and .net domains, and 24 to 48 hours for other domain extensions to be accessible across other networks.

Check if your name servers have propagated

The easiest way to check if your name servers have propagated around the world is to use a DNS Checker tool.

  • Enter your domain name, select "NS" from the dropdown, and click Search.

If propagated, you will see results like "". Note that some domains may take up to 48 hours to propagate globally.

How to manually generate the SSL certificate

If your SSL certificate hasn't been generated automatically, you can do it manually in the Templ Panel, but ensure your name servers have propagated fully first.

Steps to generate SSL manually

  1. Go to Domains in the left menu of the Templ Panel.

  2. Find your domain, click on it, and then click Generate SSL Certificate.

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