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Create a new website

How to create a new website in the Templ panel

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Create a new site in the Templ Panel

Creating a new website in the Templ Panel is very simple.
Login to your Templ Panel and navigate to the Website list and click the Create button.

Give your website a name and choose a location where you want your website to be hosted. It's recommended to choose a location that is close to the majority of your visitors. You can choose from locations all over the world.

When you're done, click Continue and wait for your server and website to be created, this may take a few minutes.

When the process is done, click the Continue button to be redirected to your website details, it will look similar to this:

To access your website, click the Home page button, and to access your WordPress Admin (wp-admin) click the WP Admin button. That's it! 😎

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