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Configure Gmail for Templ
Configure Gmail for Templ

How to set up Gmail for Templ, so you can send emails via Gmail (with your own domain name).

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NOTE! Before you follow this guide, you need to add your domain (without www) in the Templ-panel and point it to us.

If the domain is NOT using our nameservers you first need to do these three things before you configure Gmail.

Step 1
Login to your Templ Panel and navigate to the Email section and click Add Email.

Step 2
Now it's time to create the email you wish to use, in the example below, we will create an email address called

Name: Enter the name of the email address you want to use, if you want to set up then you only enter support.

Domain: Choose your domain from the list

Fowards: Click Add and then enter your Gmail address there.

Scroll down and click Continue.

Step 3
Now go to back to the Email section and open the menu called SMTP Settings. These are the settings we now need to configure in Gmail, so that you can send emails as the email address you just created.

Step 4
Open a new tab in your browser and login to your Gmail account, and then open the Gmail settings:

Step 5
Go to the Accounts and Import tab and then locate Send mail as and click Add another email address and then fill in your information and click Next Step.

Reference below. Here you want to add your own sender name and

Step 6
If you haven't already, open the Templ SMTP Settings page, the details there are used to configure Gmail, it will look similar to this:

In Gmail, you need to fill in your details, according to the SMTP Settings from Templ.

SMTP Server: The server address from your SMTP Settings
Username: Your username from your SMTP Settings
Password: Your password from your SMTP Settings (Click Show password and then you can select and copy your password).
Port: 587

Select Secured connection using TLS (recommended).

Click Add Account, and then you need to verify your new email address, you can do this by opening the email you just received from the Gmail team (in your Gmail inbox), and click the confirmation link and then the Confirm button.

You can now send emails with your new address via Gmail.

Not receiving your verification email?

If you do not receive the verification email from the Gmail team, double check that you are using Templs MX records. If the verification window for any reasons closes before you can verify, please try using another browser.

Extra tips
To send a new email from the email you just set up, click the From option and select your newly created email:

You can also make this email the default email in the Gmail Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Locate your email address and click Make default.

Need help?
We're here to help, please contact us if you need assistance, or simply click the chat logo in the bottom right corner of this page to get in touch with us.

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