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How to add Templ's MX Records for incoming email

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If you want to use our email service you will also need to set up required Templ MX records for incoming email for your domain.

Set up MX records using Templ's DNS

You can change MX records by navigating to Domains - Your Domain - Manage DNS.

10 mail.wootemple.com.

Note: 10 is the priority and mail.wootemple.com is our email server.

If your domain is pointed to Templ using our nameservers then these MX records will be set automatically. You can of course change MX records at any time.

Set up MX records using DNS from a 3rd party

If you are managing DNS elsewhere, you may need to fill in the MX record above a bit differently, as every DNS management tool is different.

Record type: MX Record

Name/Host/Alias: @ or leave blank

TTL: 300 or default

Priority: 10

Value/Answer/Destination/Server: mail.wootemple.com

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