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Email deliverability - Domain verification
Email deliverability - Domain verification

How to verify your domain in order to ensure email deliverability

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Introduction - Why to verify your domain

In order to ensure the best possible email deliverability for emails that are sent from your website - the domain for the website should be verified with three CNAME DNS records.


  • The domain you want to verify must be in use by a website before it can be verified.

  • Your Templ account must be upgraded (and not free trial).

When you need to verify your domain

You only need to verify your domain manually if you are managing DNS externally (and not using our nameservers). Domains using our nameservers will be verified automatically.


  • Verifying your domain and adding our SPF/DKIM is not necessary if you have configured your website to use a third party SMTP provider with a SMTP plugin.

How to verify your domain

Open the Templ Panel and navigate to Email - Domain Verification. You will see a list of your domains and their verification status. Click on the domain you want to verify and you will see three CNAME records that you need to add to your domain's DNS settings.

Copy the three CNAME subdomains and add them to your domain's DNS. Once the DNS has updated, the verification will happen automatically, but you can also go ahead and click the Check Verification button to verify manually.

If the DNS records have been added correctly and the DNS has updated then you should see a verification successful message when you verify.

Verify that emails sent from your site is working correctly

Once all DNS records are in place it's a good idea to send a few test emails from your website and make sure that it's working correctly.

An easy way to send test emails from your website is to use the plugin WP Test Mail.

For more advance email deliverability testing we recommend using

Troubleshooting failed verification

If the domain verification fails, you may need to wait a bit longer for the DNS to update, and/or make sure that the records have been added correctly.

Need a hand?

In case you need help with domain verification or have any questions, please use the chat icon in the bottom right to reach out to us.

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