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Configure Thunderbird for Gmail + Templ SMTP
Configure Thunderbird for Gmail + Templ SMTP

How to send emails using your own domain name in Thunderbird with Gmail + Templ SMTP

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1 - Set up your Gmail account in Thunderbird, if you haven't already

2 - Go to Tools > Account settings > Outgoing Server (SMTP)

  • Click "Add..."

  • Enter your SMTP credentials (found in the Templ panel, under Email > SMTP Settings)

  • Select "SSL/TLS" as connection security.

(SMTP password will be entered later)

3 - Tools > Account settings > Select your Gmail account in the left tab > Manage Identities

  • Click "Add....".

  • Enter the name and email address that you want to use when you send emails.

4 - Send a test email

  • Make sure to select the identity you just configured as "From"

  • When send the email, you will be asked to enter your SMTP password. Enter it and your email should be sent successfully using your own address.

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