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Transfer a domain to Templ
Transfer a domain to Templ

How to transfer a domain to Templ from another registrar.

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This article describes how to transfer a domain from a third party to Templ.

You can see a list of all TLDs and prices here.

How to transfer a domain to Templ

In the Templ panel, click on Domains in the left menu, followed by clicking on Transfer domain to Templ.

The next step is to enter the name of the domain you would like to transfer to Templ. After that you'll need to enter the authorization code (also called EPP/transfer code at some registrars).

Here are links to popular domain registrars and their how-to guides for generating the authorization code needed. (Click the icon to the left to expand the list).

After you have filled in the domain name and authorization code, click the Add to Cart button, followed by choosing payment method if prompted. Next, click on Checkout.

Depending when your domain currently expires, a payment may or may not be needed.

To finish the transfer, accept the terms and conditions and click Continue. Your domain will now be transferred to Templ.

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