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How to download a backup of your website and save it locally on your computer.

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  • Remote backup files contains the database for your website and a .txt file with a link to download all the WordPress files.

  • Local backups contain all files (database and WordPress files).

Create the download link for your backup

Before you can download your desired backup, you must generate a download link for that backup. To do that, navigate to the Backup list and click on the website you want to download a backup for.

Next to the backup, click the button Generate link to generate the download link. 

  • The timestamp of all backups are in your local time zone

Click on the Download link to start the download.

Extract the backup

Once you have downloaded the backup, extract the file and open the folder, inside you will find the database for your website and another folder named wordpress.

The wordpress folder will contain a TEMPLIO_README.txt (if you have downloaded a remote backup) file with a link that is used to download all the WordPress files.

The first link is a curl link that can be used with the Terminal app on your computer.

The second "URL" link is no longer valid for downloading files.

How to paste the link in the Terminal app (Mac)

Simply paste the curl link in the Terminal app and press enter:

When you have done that, extract the downloaded file called archive.tar to access your WordPress files.

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