How to create a backup

How to create a backup in the Templ panel

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  • All websites (except staging sites) hosted on Templ are backed up daily automatically. If you want to create a manual backup, see the steps below.

Create a backup

Step 1: Login to your Templ Panel and click on Backups in the left menu.

Step 2: Click on the website you want to manually backup, and then click "Create Backup"

Step 3
Give your backup file a name that you recognize, like "pre-wp-core-5.3-update" for example.

You can choose "Store on remote server" so the backup is stored on a separate server, and doesn't count towards your disk space usage. It does however count towards your monthly data transfer to create or restore a remote backup.

When you are done entering the details, click Continue and you're done. You can also download the backup to your computer by clicking the download link.

Note: Automatic and manual remote backups are saved for 30 days.

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