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How to restore a backup

How to restore a Templ backup file / restore a website.

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Note: Restoring a backup will reset the website's WP-Admin password to the WP-Admin password listed in the Templ panel.

Steps to restore a backup

  1. Navigate to restore backup options:

    • Go to Websites in the Templ panel and click on the website you want to restore a previous version (backup file) of.

    • In the sub-menu, click on Backups, then click Restore Backup.

  2. Choosing the backup source:

    • You can select a backup of a website from the same Templ account, or even from a website that has been deleted. Note: Remote backups are kept for up to 30 days after a website is deleted.

  3. Select backup Type:

    • Remote Backups: Check the box to restore a remote backup. Leave it unchecked if you wish to restore a local backup. Note: Backups are timestamped according to your local time zone.

  4. Identify the backup:

    • Locate and select the backup file you want to restore by its name.

  5. Restoration process:

    • Click Continue and wait for the restoration process to complete. It can take several minutes.

Partial restore options

Restore parts of a backup by selectively including, or excluding files and database.

  • For example, you can restore only the folders wp-content/uploads and wp-content/plugins, along with the database, by selecting Only restore folders listed below and entering:


    No other files will be restored.

  • Alternatively, you can choose to restore everything except certain folders.

  • If you do not want to restore the database, check the box next to Do not restore database.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why are newly added files still present after restoring a backup?

    • Restoring a backup does not delete files or folders added after the backup was taken. However, in the case of plugins and themes, all their configuration as well as their "state" (i.e. whether they are activated or not), is typically stored in the database, thus restoring the database will undo all their configuration even though their files will still be present after the restoration.

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