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Extended Support: Speed Optimization

Details about speed optimization services offered by Templ

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At Templ, we've migrated and optimized thousands of WordPress websites.

Based on this experience, we are proud to offer speed optimization as an extended support service. This speed optimization service is also included for free when migrating to Templ.

Our speed optimization consists of:

  • Database cleanup to make the database lighter

  • Image optimization and conversion to the modern image format WebP

  • Tweaking WP Cron and have it initiated by the server (instead of being randomly initiated on page visits)

  • Audit of a site's plugins and suggestions of more performant alternatives

  • Security audit where we verify checksums of WordPress core and plugins from

More Advanced Speed Optimization

We can also offer a more advanced speed optimization where we dig even deeper and do optimizations tailored for your website.

This kind of optimization requires more advanced analysis of a website as well as the possible need of writing custom code to resolve any issues found. Due to this fact these services are not included in our basic optimizations, which comes free when migrating to Templ. Instead this service is offered at $100/hour.

Our advanced speed optimizations include, but is not limited to:

  • Frontend optimizations to improve "Core Web Vitals" as well as other page speed metrics

  • Advanced profiling of a site's code base to pinpoint possible bottlenecks

  • Plugin development to improve, or replace, existing functionality

  • Analysis of traffic and content to ensure a site is using cache efficiently

Want to know more?

Do you want to know what Templ can do to optimize your website? Reach out to us and let's chat! πŸš€

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