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Scope of Support
Scope of Support

This article describes what is included in our support, and what isn't.

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Support is provided through a chat system integrated into our control panel and our website. To reach our support team, use the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner at any time.

In this article, we’ll explain how our support team can assist you as well as a few limitations that do apply.

Before contacting us, please check if you can find your answer in our Help Center first, perhaps the answer you are looking for is already listed there. Use the search feature to find the related article fast. 👍

What's included in our support?

  • Problems or questions encountered while trying to use features of our platform.

  • Investigation of server error messages

  • Technical issues with your website that leads to downtime. If your website goes down we'll get notified automatically right away, and we'll help you investigate the cause of the problem in order to help you get your website back up and running as swiftly as possible.

  • Migration support. We can help you migrate your site to Templ, free of charge. We'll take care of the whole migration process if you want us to.

  • Hacked site fix guarantee. If your site gets infected with malware while hosted on Templ, we will help you fix it for free.

  • DNS support. If you need help making DNS changes, you can reach out to our support team for assistance.

  • Email deliverability support. We'll help you configure your site and domain in order to achieve the best possible email deliverability.

We're here to help

In case you're not sure if your specific issue is covered by our support, reach out to us and we'll be happy to answer any question you might have.

Extended Support

Extended support is our paid support service, at an hourly rate. The rate depends on the task itself, please reach out to us for a quote.

Here are a few extended support services we provide

Speed Optimization - from $289 per occasion

A full speed optimization of your site, including fixing issues causing load times lagging. See more details about about our speed optimization service here.

WordPress Updates - from $69 per occasion

Updates of WordPress, plugins, and theme – carried out by hand. See more details about how we update WordPress and plugins here.

Troubleshooting non-hosting related website issues - from $150 per hour

If you need help debugging a non-hosting related issue on your site, you may reach out to us for a quote. If you are looking for a full time developer to work with you, we recommend looking into our partners.

Custom coding - from $150 per hour

Need to change or add a feature on your website? No task is too small. Reach out to us for a quote.

For more extended support services, please see here.

Hosting for Non-WordPress sites

We’re here to host and support WordPress, which we live and breathe. While we will however allow you to set up a simple non-WordPress apps or scripts alongside your WordPress site, but we do not provide any support for non-WordPress scripts and applications.

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