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Configure SFTP Client (Windows)

How to configure your SFTP Client in Windows and connect it to your Templ site so you can access your files via SFTP.

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If you haven't already, please complete Part 1 & 2 first:

Now that you have generated your SSH key and added it to the Templ Panel, it's time to set up your SFTP client. In this example, we are going to be using FileZilla, but you can use any other SFTP client of your choice.

Configure SFTP Client (FileZilla)

Step 1: Download and install FileZilla. You can download FileZilla here.

Once you have installed FileZilla and opened the program, the next step is to add your Templ site in FileZilla. Start by clicking the "Site Manager" icon in the top left of FileZilla, and then "New Site". Refer to the screenshot below:

On the General tab, here is where you add your site, enter the following:
Host: Your domain (

Port: Choose your Port(You can see it in our panel)
Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
Logon Type: Key File
User: The SFTP username is displayed on the Overview page in our panel.
Key File: Locate your key file that you generated, you want to add your private key here.

The set up is now complete and should look similar to this: 

But of course with your website details :)

Note: If you are using Cloudflare or similar, then you need to connect with your server's IP address

Click "Connect" and make sure the file access is working. In case you get a message from FileZilla, click OK to disregard the message, you can also click "Always trust" to avoid the message in the future.

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