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How to edit robots.txt
How to edit robots.txt

How to edit your WordPress site's robots.txt file

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Robots.txt tells search engines (robots) which URLs on your site they can access.

It can either be an actual file or be generated by WordPress when someone tries to visit it.

Where you can find your site's robots.txt file

The robots.txt file exists in your site's webroot (root directory) and is accessible on

How to edit the the content of robots.txt

To edit the file, you can follow our guide on how to set up file access, navigate to your site's webroot and edit the robots.txt file there.

If there is no robots.txt file in that directory, it will instead be generated by WordPress "on the fly" when someone visits it. If the file doesn't exist, you can simply upload your own robots.txt file if you want to control its content.

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