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Change A-Record

How to change A-Record and point it to your Templ website.

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If you only want to migrate your website to Templ while maintaining email and other DNS settings elsewhere, you should only point your A-record to the IP address of your Templ website.

Note 1: If you point your domain to Templ using A-records, it's also necessary to manually add SPF, DKIM and verifying your domain, in order to ensure optimal email deliverability for emails sent from your website.

Note 2: In the Templ Panel, assign the domain you want to use for your website before updating A-records - given that you are ready to take your site "live".

Find the website IP in the Templ panel

  1. Navigate to Websites in the left menu of the Templ control panel.

  2. Click on the name of your website. The IP address will be listed under Overview.

How to change A-Record

  1. Access DNS Settings: Log into the platform where you manage your DNS settings, normally the same place as where you registered your domain, and navigate to the domain's DNS Settings.

  2. Update A-Records: Modify the A-records for "@" and "www" to point to your Templ website's IP address. It is important to change both @ and www.

Note: Some DNS providers might not use the "@" symbol and require that you input the actual domain name, "", directly in the records where you might otherwise use "@".

Remove AAAA Records: Delete any AAAA records for "@" and "www" as these are for IPv6 and not required. They can interfere with automated SSL certificate generation.

Checking A-Record Propagation

The easiest way to check if your A-records have propagated around the world is to use DNS Checker.

  • Enter your domain name, select "A" from the dropdown and click Search.

  • If the A-record changes have properly propagated, it will display your Templ website’s IP address.

Tips for Faster Propagation
If the TTL (Time to Live) is set to 3600 seconds (1 hour), consider reducing it to the minimum possible (typically 5 minutes). Then wait an hour before you change A-record. This adjustment can significantly speed up DNS propagation times.

How to generate the SSL certificate manually

If your SSL certificate hasn't been generated automatically, you can do it manually in the Templ Panel. Keep in mind that you should wait until your A-records have propagated before you:

  1. Navigate to Domains in the Templ Panel.

  2. Find your domain, click on it, and click Generate SSL Certificate.

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