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How to check for plugin/theme conflicts
How to check for plugin/theme conflicts

How to check for WordPress plugin or theme conflicts.

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Having an issue with your WordPress site? Chances are it's caused by a plugin- or theme conflict.

It's not recommended to troubleshoot issues on a live site, instead you should create a staging site that is an exact copy of your live site, and troubleshoot there.


Check for a theme conflict

Temporarily switch to another theme like Twenty Nineteen or Twenty Twenty. If this resolves your issue, you have problem with your theme.ย 

In that case it's probably a good idea to make sure your theme is updated to the latest version. Contact your theme developer if the problem persists.


Check for a plugin conflict

If switching to another theme didn't solve your issue, it could instead be a plugin conflict. Deactivate all your WordPress plugins and check if the issue persists after that.

If your problem disappeared, then you have a plugin conflict. Start activating your plugins one by one until the problem reappears, then you know which plugin is causing the issue.

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