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Do you offer phone support?
Do you offer phone support?

We don't offer support over the phone. This article explains why.

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Question: Do you offer support over the phone? 

Answer: No, we don't. And here I will explain why.

Phone support for a web hosting company is very inefficient, and you would reach only one person if you were to give us a phone call.

By using our integrated chat system, our whole team will see your message, and be ready to help you out. Another reason you should use our chat system is that if you have logged in to our control panel, we will automatically know who you are, and which sites you have hosted with us. This way, we can support you MUCH FASTER than if you were to give us a phone call.

It's also hard to show screenshots and error messages over the phone :)

Always use our chat system to contact us, that way your message will reach the right person faster and we will be able to help you more efficiently.

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