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Extended Support: Location change
Extended Support: Location change

Want to move your site to a different Google Cloud location? We can help with the location change without having any downtime for your site.

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Do you want to move your website to a different Google Cloud location? Perhaps a new Google Cloud data center has opened up closer to your target audience, then it it's a very good idea to move your website to that location.

As a part of our extended support service we can help take care of the location change for your site without any downtime. The cost of this service is $59 per website and occasion.

How we perform the location change:

  1. We clone your website files and database to the new location.

  2. We will set up automatic forwarding so that traffic is directed to the website in the new location.

  3. Thorough testing is performed to make sure the website is working just as before.

  4. If DNS for the domain is managed by us, we will update the A-records to point to the new location/IP. If you manage DNS yourself then you will have to do this update, or provide us with DNS access so we can help you update the A-records for the domain.

If you have staging website we will move that website as well, included in the location change for your production website.

Please reach out to us in the chat if you would like to use our location change service.

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