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Add your SSH key to the Templ Panel (Mac)
Add your SSH key to the Templ Panel (Mac)

How to add your SSH key to the Templ panel - Mac

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Note: This step is only done once, if you have already created your SSH keys, and added the key to your Templ Panel, you can skip to part 3 of the file access guide: Configure SFTP Client (Mac)

The last step we did was to create the SSH key in the Terminal, and copied the key to your clipboard by using the following command:

pbcopy < ~/.ssh/

You can now paste your key in the Templ Panel using the Command key (⌘) + V, to do that, open the Templ Panel if you haven't already, then click on File Access > Access Key > Create.

  1. Give your Access key a name, mine is called "Karl Mac" (My name and my device).

  2. Paste the key in the key field. If you need to copy they SSH key to your clipboard again, use the command line above in the Terminal again.

  3. Add to All - I recommend checking this box, so your key will work with all your websites, in case you have more than one.

  4. If you want your key to work with a single website, uncheck "Add to all" and then select your website in the dropdown list.

When you are done, it should look similar to this:

Click Continue, and you are done with the steps in this part. Next up is how to set up a SFTP Client and link it with your Templ site.

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