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Price Groups

There are three price groups for our different hosting locations. The main reason that different locations have different pricing is because of the different electricity costs in these locations.

Price group low:

Iowa, Oregon, South Carolina, North Virginia, Las Vegas, Columbus, Montreal, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland.

Price group middle:

Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Dallas, London, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Taiwan, Tokyo, Singapore, Mumbai, Osaka, Seoul, Jakarta.

Price group high:

Zurich, Hong Kong, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Paris, Milan.

Website Plans

Pricing per website plan and price group (location). The prices below are per month.

Website plan

Price (low)

Price (middle)

Price (high)









Small Plus













Pricing for extra bandwidth and disk space that is added on top of what is included in each website plan.


Price (low)

Price (middle)

Price (high)

Extra Bandwidth (Per extra GB)




Extra Disk
(Per extra GB)




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