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How to add a domain from external registrar
How to add a domain from external registrar

How to add and set up an externally bought domain in the Templ Panel.

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This article describes how to add a domain that you have bought externally, and how to connect the domain to a website on Templ.

How to add a domain from external registrar

In the left menu, click Domains then click Add domain from external registrar.

Managing DNS externally

After you've clicked on "Add domain from external registrar" you need to choose if you want to move DNS to Templ or manage DNS externally with another provider.

To manage DNS externally, toggle the option on. You can use this if you need to manage your domain / DNS on your own.Β 

Want to manage DNS via a third party and point the domain to your site with A-records? Follow this guide: Change A-record and point your domain to Templ

Moving DNS to Templ

Moving DNS to us means that you will change name servers for your domain and point them to us.

After you've clicked Add domain from external registrar, enter the name of the domain your would like to add, and do not toggle on "use external name servers" then click on Continue.

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