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Development plan is a plan that is free for 180 days, and then automatically upgraded to a paid plan. This plan is available to agencies that are Templ partners.

The purpose of the plan is to make it easier for our partners to develop new sites directly on Templ, while keeping the costs low while in development phase.

Development plans have the same features as our production plans, such as automatic backup, staging, etc, with the difference that sites on a development plan can not be indexed by search engines.

There are two development plans to choose from:

  • Development Micro (Specs are same as our Micro plan)

  • Development Small (Specs are same as our Small plan)

Quick facts:

  • Development sites can not be indexed by search engines

  • You can upgrade to any of our other plans at any time

Create a development site

Click Create Website, then select Development (Small) or Development (Micro) under Website Plan.

FAQ - Questions and answers

โ€‹Q: What happens if I forgot a development plan and it upgrades to a paid plan by mistake? Do I get my money back?

  • A: When your development plan upgrades the cost will be added to your next monthly payment. If this happens, however, you can remove the plan from your account and get Templ credit equal to the remaining period you paid for.

Q: Can I develop my customers sites on my own account, and then move the site(s) to the customers own account when the site is ready to be launched?

  • A: Absolutely. Reach out to our support if you want help moving a site to another Templ account.

Q: Can I get more development plans?

  • A: If you are in need of more development sites, please reach out to our support and we will help you.

Q: Where can I see how many development sites I have?

  • A: You can see how many development sites you currently have in our panel by navigating to the usage page.

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