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What is Templ credit and how is it used?

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What is Templ credit?

Templ credit is equivalent to account balance that you can use to pay for your Templ products.

When you can use Templ credit

You can use Templ credit instead of paying with a credit/debit card when doing the following tasks:

  • Creating a new website

  • Upgrade a website to a larger plan

  • Paying for your monthly subscription

When is Templ credit added to my account?

  • When you prepay for a certain amount of time (minimum 12 months).

  • When you downgrade to a smaller plan

How to check Templ credit balance

Navigate to My Account to see your current Templ credit balance.

FAQ - Questions and answers about Templ credit

I have prepaid for a specific period for hosting, but my credit has been used up earlier than expected. Why?

The reason why credit has been used up earlier than expected could be because of three scenarios:

  • You have added more websites to your accounts

  • You have upgraded to a more expensive plan

  • Your website has consumed more bandwidth than what is included in your plan.

This will raise your monthly cost and thus more credit will be used each month, and that's why the credit may have been used up earlier than expected.

What happens to my credit if I lower my monthly subscription cost?

If you lower your monthly subscription cost by for example downgrading to a cheaper plan or delete a website in your account, then less credit will be deducted from your account each month and your total credit will last longer than expected.

The price difference of the plans (when downgrading) will be added to your account in form of credit.

Can I see history for how much credit I have used in the past?

Yes. The information will be available on your receipts here: https://templ.io/my-account/orders/.

Do I need to spend my credit before a specific date?

No, your credit will remain in your Templ account until it has been used up.

Can I withdraw credit to my bank account or other payment services like PayPal?

No. Templ credit is not real money, Templ credit can only be used to pay for Templ hosting.

Which currency is used for credit?

The credit currency will be the same as on your subscription.

Does credit include Tax?
No, credit is always calculated and applied before taxes.

You may find more answers on our Terms of Service page.

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