How our billing works
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We automatically charge your account once a month.

The monthly charge consists of:

  1. Your account's current monthly cost. This is the cost of the plan of each of your sites at the day of the monthly billing.

  2. Payment for upgrades made during the previous month. If a site is upgraded in between monthly payments, the prorated cost for the upgrade will be added to the next monthly bill.

  3. Payment for overage the previous month. Monthly bandwidth overage is calculated on the 1st of every month, and added to the next monthly bill.

  4. Any additional services ordered during the previous month.

  5. If the account has any credits, these will be deducted from the monthly bill

Note: If the amount of the monthly bill is less than the amount of credits on the account, the remaining credits will be forwarded to next month.

Credits are added to your account when:

  1. You downgrade a site. Then a prorated amount is added to your account as credit.

  2. You make a yearly payment. A yearly payment constitutes a payment of 11 months of your current monthly cost, and results in a credit corresponding to 12 month.

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