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Extended Support: PHP Upgrade
Extended Support: PHP Upgrade

We'll help you upgrade PHP to a specific or latest version, as well as test your site and make sure everything is working as expected.

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Are you in need of help with upgrading PHP to a newer or the newest version? We can help!

Before upgrading PHP version we recommend making sure that all plugins, themes and the WordPress core are up to date. However, there won't be any guarantee that there won't be incompatible plugins with the latest PHP versions.

If you need help updating plugins & WordPress, consider using our WordPress updating service.

How we upgrade:

  • We create a staging site if one doesn't exist already

  • We upgrade the PHP version on the staging site to the desired version of your choice. We recommend using the latest version.

  • The staging site is thoroughly tested by us and yourself

If everything is working properly, the same process is then repeated on your production site.

Reach out to us in the chat if you want to use our PHP upgrade service.

Note: If you want to change PHP version and test the site on your own, see here how to change PHP version in our panel.

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