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How to share your Templ account with another user, so they can access your Templ account and/or selected websites.

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When you share your Templ account with another user, they will full get access of your account and the websites you choose to share with them, with the following exceptions:

  • Access/Change personal/billing details.

How to share a Templ account or selected websites

The person you want to invite must sign up for their own Templ account before they can accept the invitation, if they haven't already, please ask them to register here

The next step is to navigate to the Sharing tab in the Templ Panel and click on the Create button.

  • Fill in the email address of the person you want to invite (it should be the same email as they used to register their Templ account with).

  • Optional: Fill in a personal message for the recipient.

You can choose to share all websites in your account, or individual websites. To share individual websites you uncheck the "Share all websites" option like in the screenshot below, and select the websites you would like to share with the other user.

Once you have sent the invitation, contact the person you invited and ask them to check their email inbox for the invitation email, where they should click the "Accept invitation"-button. Once they have done that, they will have access to your Templ account or the websites you have chosen to share with them.

Notice: The person must be logged in to their own Templ account when they accept the invitation.

How to access a shared account

If you are the person that has been invited to access another persons Templ account, this is how you access their account.

Click the Account switcher in the top left, and select the account you want to switch to. You will then be controlling their account and will be able to access the websites they have shared with you.

Can't see the account switcher?

In case you have just accepted the sharing invitation and can't see the account switcher at the top left corner of your browser like in the screenshot above, reloading the page in your browser will likely fix that.

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