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How to use WP Rocket for maximum performance on Templ

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WP Rocket is a very powerful performance plugin for WordPress and is very popular among our customers.

WP Rocket can help to boost Google PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals scores with just a few clicks.

WP Rocket vs our own cache plugin (Templ Cache)

Simply put, Templ Cache is just a page cache, which speeds up a site by serving pre-generated HTML pages directly to the visitor, instead of having to generate each page using PHP and getting information from the database.

WP Rocket on the other hand is much more than just a page cache and has many other optimizations as well. WP Rocket also offers smarter and more selective purging of the cache.

20% off WP Rocket

We offer all Templ customers an exclusive discount of 20% off your WP Rocket license.

Coupon code: templ20

The coupon can be applied at the checkout after selecting the license to purchase on their website: https://wp-rocket.me/

Note: Templ does not receive any commission when our coupon code is used. We simply like WP Rocket and would rather give all benefits to our customers.

Compatibility with our own cache plugin (Templ Cache)

Templ Cache is fully compatible with WP Rocket.

When WP Rocket clears its cache, our cache will also be cleared at the same time, ensuring full compatibility.

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