How to sign up for a Templ trial account

Register for Templ free trial account here by entering your details (Name, Email and Password). Or sign up with Facebook or Google.

Be sure to use a strong password and store it safely, for security reasons, we don't accept passwords that are too weak.

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Trial account limitations

In order to prevent abuse, all Templ trial account websites are using HTTP Authentication by default. The username and password will be displayed on your website overview page in our control panel.

Note that if the default username/password is flagged by Google and others for being insecure and/or being a leaked password, then you should change to a non-default password to a "real" password. The default password is only there to prevent unwanted visitors to the site, it's not meant to be a secure password.

Other limitations:

  • You can only set up one website as trial user.

  • You can not send emails from your website as a trial user.

You can remove these limitations by upgrading your account or contacting Templ Support.

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