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Information regarding abuse and termination
Information regarding abuse and termination

Information regarding abuse, permitted use and termination

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Permitted Use

The Customer is responsible for using Templ's services only for purposes compatible with Swedish law and ensuring that the information published and disseminated is not copyright-protected.

The Customer agrees not to use the services, and not to allow third parties to use the services:

  • to publish and disseminate copyright-protected information;

  • to engage in, promote, or encourage illegal activities;

  • for offensive or deceptive purposes (e.g., phishing, pyramid schemes, or mirroring a website);

  • to intentionally distribute viruses, worms, trojans, corrupt files, or other data of destructive or misleading nature;

  • to disrupt or bypass any aspect of the services;

  • to generate, distribute, publish, or facilitate unwanted mass emails and other forms of spam.

If the Customer uses the service in a manner that Templ deems not in accordance with the above, Templ reserves the right to request that the Customer rectify the deficiencies or partially or fully shut down the service.


To terminate a service, the Customer must contact Templ via email or chat. Templ will respond with a confirmation that the termination will be processed. Only the registered contact person on the Customer's account or the authorized signatory has the right to request termination.

No refund of remaining credit and/or unused services will be provided to the Customer upon termination.

Templ reserves the right to terminate the agreement if the Customer breaches the terms of the agreement.

Upon termination or at any time after termination, the Customer can request that Templ delete all customer data.

More details can be found in our Terms of Service.

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