On August 15, 2020, we updated our web hosting plans. Websites created before this date need to be migrated to our new plans to take advantage of these improvements.

We will migrate all our customers websites to these improved plans. Contact us in the chat if you want us to put a priority on migrating your website.

Below are some improvements of these new plans:

  • More disk space available per site.

  • Extra resources are temporarily available to better manage traffic peaks and e.g. demanding imports, exports, synchronization and more.

  • SSH can be used directly in the browser.

  • 1-Click login to the database.

  • Better isolation between live and staging sites.

  • Our previous Add-on plan has been replaced by our new Micro plan.

More disk space available per site

The operating system is no longer included in disk usage, which leads to about 5GB more disk space than before for the Small and larger plans.

Better isolation between live and staging sites

All websites (even staging sites) are now isolated from each other and contains separate instances of the following services:

  • Mariadb


  • SSH

  • Redis - if enabled


Each website now has a unique SSH/SFTP user and port. This information is available on the Overview page in our panel for each website.

1-Click login to Adminer

The details to login to Adminer do no longer need to be entered manually. Click on the DB Admin link and then Login to automatically log in to Adminer and the database.

Micro replacing Add-on sites

Add-on sites have been replaced by our new Micro plan.

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