We are proud to present a beta version of our all new panel! 🥳

After months of work behind the scenes, we are now ready to let all our customers start using our new panel.

Our new panel features an all new design and additional functionality that we hope will make manage WordPress websites even easier, and even more functionality will be added with time.

How to get started!

To start using the new panel, simply visit: https://betapanel.templ.io/

If you want to go back using the old panel, you instead visit: https://panel.templ.io/

What's new?

  • An all new design
  • New Panel home page: "Dashboard"
  • Improved list over your websites
  • New and improved website details
  • "Tools" - a new page with a selection of smart tools
  • "Check For Vulnerabilities" - ensure that your website is safe

An all new design

The panel has been redesigned from the ground up, given a more modern look with better structured information, many new smart functions such as the ability to search through lists, to be able to quick and easy copy important information to clipboard and more.

The new panel is of course responsive and offers full functionality when visited from your phone!


An all new start page called "Dashboard" that gives you a quick overlook of your websites, bandwidth usage, your latest invoices and the latest guides from our blog.

Improved list over your websites

The new website list gives a great overview and shows useful information such as disk usage and WordPress version.

New and improved website details

All important information about each website is now well structured and quick and easy to copy to clipboard with the click of a button.


Each website also have access to a collection of tools that makes it even easier to manage WordPress websites.

To repair file permissions, change domain name when migrating to Templ, installing our plugins and clear banned IP addresses is now just a click away.

"Check For Vulnerabilities"

The biggest news under "Tools" however, is the possibility to scan your site for vulnerabilities.

This tool checks what version of WordPress that's installed on your site, as well as all plugins and themes and compares them to a database with known vulnerabilities. All discovered security risks are then listed so that you can know exactly what needs to be updated on your site to keep it secure.


We hope you will like our new panel and that it will make it even easier for you to manage your WordPress websites.

If you find something that's not working, something that is unclear, or have suggestions for how we can further improve our panel, you're very welcome to reach out to us in the chat!

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