Add-on sites are websites that share server and resources with another website. You must first have a dedicated website before you can create an add-on site.

Useful information

  • Add-on sites cost $10 / month
  • If the shared website of the add-on site is deleted, then the add-on site will automatically be upgraded to the plan of the shared site.
  • Add-on sites can't be upgraded. (Though you can create a new website and then copy the add-on site there, please contact support if you need help with this).

Creating an Add-on site

Click the Create website button in the Templ Panel and give your site a name, then scroll down to Website Plan and select Add-on, then select which website the Add-on site should share server with (if you have more than one existing website). 

Click Continue and wait for the server to be reconfigured and your add-on site to be set up

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